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To create permanent, irreversible change in the lives of 1 million people in Rural India in the next 5 years- Ronnie & Zarina Screwvala, Founder Trustees
  • For the Raigad Jobfair on 17th July, Swades facilitated jobs for hundreds of rural youth in 1 day!! 514 shortlisted for round 2.
    212 offered Job letters on hand
  • Swades has reached out to 2000 villages impacting 471,0000 people
  • Swades has built 3764 toilets till date and plan to build a total of 25,000 + toilets in the next 3 years
  • Swades has inducted 1057 highly trained community health workers (Swa Raksha Mitras) serving population of 143,000
  • Swades has built 750 water structures providing drinking water to 82,109 villagers and plan to build 2600 large structures in total impacting 1 million people
  • 1930 cycles are given to students for easy access to schools who use to travel long distances daily
  • Swades has given more than 1200 scholarships to students to pursue their higher studies
  • Trained 1109 SRMs from the community impacting a population of 471,000 villagers
  • Three Mobile Vans deliver free screening, identification and diagnosis and Swades provides free spectacles and free cataract surgeries
  • Free eye screening to 113,525 people and provided 17,140 free spectacles for people with refractive error
  • Provided 3032 Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic-Food sachets to children overcome malnourishment
  • Swades has screened 46,000 people & provided 6000 high quality spectacles and 1205 free cataract surgeries
  • Swades is training and motivating farmers to use hi-tech farming techniques.
  • 2500 farmers have grown a second crop, 5,000 demo farms for SRI Rice and over 150 demo farms for drip irrigation
  • Swades has strengthened 1863 Self Help Groups
  • Swades has established one Rural BPO employing 300 youth and will establish at least 4 BPOs employing 2000 youth / families
  • Swades has built 104 toilets for boys & girls, 91 drinking water structures, 470 libraries, 1233 maths kits and 17 mobile science labs
  • Swades has opened 2 large community centres for adult education and training in Khamgaon & Vinhere
Mahindra’s Seed
The Rise recognises Swades Foundation’s work in rural India
Safety and Dignity
transformed life with clean, filtered potable water
Sharmila Jadhav
says Where there is a will, there is a way
Sucheta Nakti
Health & Nutrition
The Story of Swades Foundation
Swades Foundation, started by Ronnie and Zarina Screwvala
'Swa' Se Bane 'Des' | The Swades Foundation
It is these words that inspire us every day in our audacious task
Anand Mahindra

I've known Ronnie and Zarina for many years, The visions and passion they brough to Media changed the industry.

Nandan Nilekani

Ronnie and Zarina have dared to dream about a truly empowered rural India. The Swades Foundation is their ambitious endeavour