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The Swades Dream Village community will be empowered with the capability to transform their own lives. They will be able to create choices for themselves and their families.

Every home in our community will have easy access to safe drinking water as per accepted health standards as well as other domestic water needs.

Every home will have a toilet.

Every family will be empowered with the capability of increasing their income at twice the rate of the economic growth of the country.

Every family will have a bank account and access to formal credit.

A Swades Dream Village will have an informed and empowered village leadership including women's self-help groups, farmers’ groups, producer associations, water committees, school committees and more who will have access to information on all Government schemes, best practices and will be linked to the marketplace.

Women and men in farming households will be empowered and enabled to overcome poverty through innovative direct investments in agriculture-based livelihood programmes and improve productivity of agriculture by introducing latest and best practices for higher productivity & growing second crop, increasing the land under irrigation, promoting agro-based industries, introducing horticulture and livestock breed improvement. Farmers will be provided with access to markets through product diversification, consolidation, technology application and by building partnerships across value chains.

Every family will have health insurance and access to public and private health care facilities for both primary and secondary healthcare.

Community and grassroot workers will be educated and trained to effectively provide medical and paramedical services. Grassroot workers will be enabled to deal with maternal and child health care, especially newborn care. Maternal deaths and infant mortality rates will be greatly reduced and 100% institutional deliveries will be our goal.

In a Swades village, every child will go to school till the 10th standard. An enabling environment for the education of the girl child will be ensured.

Each child in the 5th Standard will be able to read, write and express themselves effectively in their mother tongue.

Every child in 10th Standard will be able to speak English and will be computer literate, thus having access to the world outside. Every child's learning will be commensurate to the appropriate grade/ level.

Every child in secondary school will undergo psychometric tests and be given guidance for further education or a vocation of their choice appropriate to their aptitude. Our aim is for them to earn double the prevalent minimum wages when they start work.

School leadership and teachers will be trained, motivated and exposed to best practices in the field. Critically, the community will be empowered to monitor their schools effectively.

A Swades village will be opened up to the world using appropriate technologies and will be environmentally and socially conscious and driven towards equitable and sustainable growth.