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At Faouji Ambawade, a village where almost every able-bodied man has joined the Army, 34 year old, Sharmila Jadhav turns entrepreneur and starts a desi chicken poultry to support her family.
Puja went ahead and procurred the vermin bed and installed the same in her one guntha land.
Born and brought up in the so called backward tribes and growing up lead her village as a sarpanch makes the story Kamal Jadhav truly inspirational and a shining example of the essence of Swades’ work.
The Swades Foundation takes proide in providing libraries in its school as we believe it is essential for a child’s holistic development. Rutika & Ravina – the Swades Stars – have fallen in love with books available in the library and have now become avid readers.
Abdul Gaffar Rahatvilkar made a conventional choice to work as an oil rig worker in Kuwait. But as he turned older, his health began to suffer and he returned to his village in Raigad.
Meet Gauri Krishna Mukne, an adivasi woman whose story is awe-inspiring.
New horizons opened for Karishma after she enrolled herself in the Swades Foundation’s SwaRakshaMitra (SRM) program. A SSC pass at the time of her enrollment, today Karishma is pursuing her final year in BA.
Sucheta Nakti, is an innovator and a go-getter. A trained Swades SwaRakshaMitra, she became the first woman in the village to create a snake ladder health chart, which was displayed all Swades Foundation’s health program’s for the ease for learning.
Sustainable Development is a key goal at the Swades Foundation. Meet Manda & Mangal, two women who with step-by-step guidance from our team were able to transform their lives and today are role-models for their village.
There is nothing that can stop a go-getter. Manali has displayed extraordinary passion & determination in everything she has done..
The Swades Foundation believes in creating sustainable livelihood programs to ensure an empowered future for Rural India. In the hamlet of Karanjmal (Mahad Block, Raigad) Swades started training community members on a variety of livelihood enhancement.
Rohini and Sneha have taken the momentous step of moving past caste-barriers which dominate rural parts of the country. Coming from the so-called "Other Backward Classes", they integrated all other communities to spear-head environmental preservation.
Four years ago, Baburao became a part of the Swades Foundation as a voluntary labourer giving Shramdaan for his community.
Jayram actively involved himself with every aspect of the Water and Sanitation work being done by the Swades Foundation. He realised that unless his villagers adopted multiple techniques of water harvestingg, their village will never be able to overcome its water scarcity.
Progress is a matter of attitude devoid of physical and social barriers, this holds true in the case of veteran farmer Mahadev Ghosalkar who with the help of Swades undertook mango and cashew grafting to increase his farm yield.
Chandrakant holds a diploma in agriculture; he moved to Mumbai in search for a better life but was marred by the city's pace. He heard of the work being done by the Swades Foundation and decided to move back to his village…to his family and to his community.
At the Swades Foundation we strive to enrich the potential of agriculture using new technologies. Living this dream are the farmers Sudhir Kavilkar and Prakash Raikar. Sudhir and Prakash, like many other farmers faced water scarcity problems.
Teachers with an unquenchable love for education Sudham Mali & Balaji Patole have strived to remain educators despite pitiful salaries, a strong mindset among village communities of not sending the girl-child to school and extremely high dropout rates.
The Swades Foundation organized multiple sessions across schools on Global Warming and the ill-effects of plastic. We also introduced environment friendly products for the primary school students of Kotheri Vadachiwadi.
Sagar, Vijay, Ajay and Pavan, were four of the 845 children, who saw a computer for the first time in their lives when the Swades Foundation introduced its Computer Training Programs.
Becoming a widow at a young age can certainly setback a life but there are a few who take such setbacks in their stride. Vidya Vinayak Kule, 33, is one such shining example.
Mahejabin was always shy. The Swades Foundations' SwaRakshaMitra Training infused a sense of confidence in her and made her aware of the need to tend to heath problems of women in her community before they become hazardous.
A compassionate leader, Vishaka has been associated with the Swades Foundation for the past 10 years. Today as a Swades SwaRakshaMitra, Vishaka has not only shown active interest in receiving the training but also involved members of her village community to participate in the same.

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