Grant Approval Process

  1. Application submission

    The Grant Application 2019 is now closed.

  2. Screening of applications received

    KPMG, our screening partner will primarily evaluate each application received at two levels

    Level 1: Eligibility & application Completeness check
    Eligibility of the organisation and Completeness of the application form
    Level 2: Evaluation & Ranking of applications
    Ranking each application based on the screening tool developed by KPGM

    The above process will result in list of top ranking applicants who may be contacted for any further information. A due diligence check and field evaluation visit will be undertaken by KPMG to these top eligible applicants. However, while on field, if a shortlisted applicant is found to be not suitable then the next ranked applicant will become eligible

    This screening process will result in the top 40/ 50 applicants.

  3. Presentation to the Advisory Committee

    An Advisory Committee comprising of eminent corporate leaders and sector experts (click here for details on the Advisory Committee members) has been formed who will review shortlisted applications and approve projects for support.

    The Advisory Committee will receive an information docket on each of the top shortlisted applicant a few weeks in advance of the meeting and will meet to discuss and finalize the disbursement of INR 12 crores to about 25 NGOs.

    The decision made by the Committee will be binding and final.

  4. Signing the Implementation Agency (IA) agreement

    An IA agreement will be signed between Swades Foundation and the approved grantee NGO, post which the grant will be released (in tranches).

  5. Capacity Building M&E workshop

    A capacity building workshop for all grantees by the M&E partner will be conducted to introduce the M&E framework and the reporting guidelines.

  6. Project Begins

    Considering the time required for application and the detailed screening and evaluation process, the project approved in the 2019 grant cycle will begin from November 2019.

    Please note the communication timeline from the Swades Foundation to the applicants of the 2018 grant cycle.

    Feb 2019 To all applicants confirming receipt of their application within two week of closing the application deadline.
    April 2019 Only to the shortlisted Applicants who will be visited by KPMG for due diligence and field evaluation.
    September 2019 To the applicants who are approved to receive grant from HSBC Skills for life in the 2019 grant cycle.