Frequently Asked Questions

What sectors does the HSBC Skills for Life programme aim to support?
The programme will only support skill development in 9 sectors that have incremental human resource requirements. These are:

  • Automotive
  • Banking & Financial Services Insurance
  • Electronics & IT hardware industry
  • Healthcare Services
  • IT & ITes
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism & Hospitality

Is an individual in need of scholarship for training also eligible for funding?
No. The funding is meant only for nonprofits / NGOs having a valid FCRA registration and fulfilling eligibility criteria as outlined here.

We are a registered organisation but do not have an FCRA registration. Can we still apply?
No, FCRA registration is a mandatory requirement to apply for a grant from the HSBC Skills for Life programme.

Can an organisation submit multiple projects?
Yes, multiple application is allowed. Kindly repeat the application process for each project that you submit.

When is the next grant cycle?
There will be multiple grant cycles over the next three years. The details will be updated on this website post the completion of the 2018 grant cycle. However tentatively it will be similar time in 2019.

Can my organisation submit applications in each grant cycle?
In each cycle, applications are open to all organisations except those who have been funded through this programme in the previous year. For example, those who have received grant in 2018 are not eligible to apply in this (2019) grant cycle.

We are a nonprofit in providing skills to young people. We also provide loans to our beneficiaries (individuals). Can we use the grant to provide loans to beneficiaries?
No, under this programme, loans to individuals are not permissible.

Is a skill training institute, educational institute, college, university or trade school eligible for funding?
The funding is meant for nonprofits / NGOs having a valid FCRA registration. Please see eligibility criteria for details.

Is entrepreunership/self-employment could be a part of the project?
No, strictly only formal employment would be considered under this project.